9 homemade christmas ornaments

Holidays just around the corner and that means it’s time to start preparing. Of course, buying beautiful jewelry business fun and entertaining, but sometimes quite costly. So why not make homemade christmas ornaments? It is especially nice to do a Christmas song or favorite movie.

1. Walnuts deer

In order to create these cute reindeer for Santa Claus, you will need:
– walnuts
– felt brown and red
– red ribbon
– black marker
– glue

homemade christmas ornaments

First, you must carefully crack a nut, and then be sure to eat it. Thereafter, the inner side glue felt horns and tape. Combining the two halves must be strong to compress them so that they are well stuck together. Then glue the nose and eyes to finish.

P.S.: In Santa’s sleigh full of reindeer should be no more and no less than nine (Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donder, Blitzen and, of course, Rudolph) ;)

christmas ornaments

2. Christmas trees made of felt

These soft Christmas trees are made very simple. You will need to cut felt of three colors (not necessarily adhere to the reduced color range, may prefer colorful flowers), and then strung it on the needle and attach a stump. Above you can decorate the Christmas tree star.

handmade christmas ornaments

christmas ornament

how to make christmas ornaments

3. Cones

A collection of Christmas toys, made with their own hands, can not do without the simple Christmas tree cones. These natural shoots must be present in the New Year interior. Apart from its natural beauty, they will give you a nice Christmas scent.

making christmas ornaments

4. Paper snowflakes

The elegant work done Tresa Edmuns (California blogger who has big plans for life), is delighted. This fine work is done very carefully. Use this photo guide you will understand how to approach this matter. Good luck ;)

gingerbread man decorations

5. Gingerbread man

Homemade christmas ornament have another advantage over the store: you can eat them later! Gingerbread man, of course, adorable ;)

cheap christmas ornaments

6. Toys dough

These cookies from salted dough is better not to eat. For their preparation you need 2 cups of flies, 1 cup of salt and 1 cup of water, so I doubt that they would be edible :( Also you need stamps, which can be bought in the culinary shops or stores for creativity. To dry the dough in the oven must be 3-4 hour at 94°.

make christmas ornaments

unique christmas ornaments

christmas ornament ideas

7. Decoration balls

This decoration is quite simple, but no less elegant. Transparent balls can be purchased there, where they sell the usual Christmas decorations.

make a snowflake

8. Wooden snowflakes

What is useful to you:
– branches
– green spruce
– hot glue
– twine
– decorations (buttons, berries, snow).

how to make a snowflake

The first step is to prepare the 4 long and 4 short sticks. Having laid them properly, you need to glue them using hot gun, after placing them under a piece of felt.

snowflake maker

Followed by spruce twigs paste, if desired sprinkle them with snow. Buttons, ribbons and strings must also be put on the glue.

how to make snowflakes

To snowflake was interesting, stick to it even small twigs. They must tread lightly, but without stiffness, yet it is a wooden snowflake!

snowflake designs

make your own snowflake

9. Snowflakes from the book

Use for the manufacture of a snowflake is just did not like the book. Detailed
instructions on making sure to help you.

glass christmas ornaments

10. Golden balls

Making Christmas toys with their own hands, you can use a spray bottle. With the help of tape mark the places that should remain white and paint the cylinder with the help of balloons. It’s simple!

christmas ornament sets

We hope our photos ideas arouse in you a festive Christmas mood. Enjoy your handiwork!
P.S.: We are always happy to see the results of your work on your email-mail. The best of them we will publish.