Bright interior design of Tokyo

Very bright creative atmosphere prevailed in this house arms teams Kochi Architect’s Studio. Previously, it was a typical two-storey house for up to eight tenants, but today the situation with a tiny shelter for residents of Japan changed dramatically, as increased depopulation. Now people have the opportunity to use more space for their needs. Nevertheless, the Japanese are not accustomed to an open space, feel more comfortable in a home with small rooms.

Architects studio offered the owners of this house a new approach to the interior, by dividing large spaces with the help of color. This idea seemed attractive family, so they decided to go for the experiment. And it has paid off! Really was very juicy modern interior while preserving the traditions of Japanese centenarians in housing. The distortion of space in 2D and 3D measurements makes thinking work “in another direction”, which can not fail to inspire to new achievements. We see the triangles and rectangles that intersect and overlap, blurring the limits and prejudices. Bright interior design of Tokyo inspires its depth!

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