Ceiling ideas for nursery room

Design a nursery room is always interesting. In addition to bright colors that adults can not always afford other interior of the house, in the nursery, you can use the original furniture and fun decor. Children of this initiative will be happy, but the desire offspring do not always coincide with the possibilities of the parents and the size of the room. Find a compromise in this puzzle – is no easy task, but despite this, it is very pleasant. Pondering finish, color, theme and decor of the room, we often forget about the ceiling ideas. Now is the time to look up!

ceiling designs

If you want to create a truly unique atmosphere of a children’s bedroom, the ceiling can become a key part of the design. Colorful ceiling can become the center of the room, adding charm and fairy-tale interior. If you live in the house the young pirate, fairy or a cosmonaut, then you will love this ideas.

1. Starry sky

Glowing stars and planets are always fascinating. Design of ceilings, designed in the style of the sky is a win-win for both boys and for girls.

2. Canopies or baldachins

Charm and mystery room young beauty can add a touch of oriental-style canopy. False ceiling in combination with creative lighting will definitely be a highlight of the interior.

3. Magic heaven

Perhaps the starry sky seems trivial to you, then you can decorate the ceiling of colorful flowers, thus creating an atmosphere of fairy tales and magic. Depending on the theme of the interior, choose a color and pattern so that it resonates with the walls.

ceiling ideas

4. Stripes

Step away from the dull white and using a bold color palette. Bright stripes on the ceiling add rhythm and energy of the children’s room.

5. Wallpapers with print

Wallpaper with a print can be a unique theme room addition. For example, in the pilot’s room, you can use wallpaper with painted aircraft. I think this idea of future pilots will be delighted.

6. Broken lines

For teenagers Disney theme will no longer relevant. Design of ceilings in such a case can be made with a complex pattern or shapes in a minimalist style. With that emphasis should be given to the color name. Purple, magenta, black, green, or blue color will be suitable for this.
Design ceiling with hand-painted – it is always beautiful and unusual. If you have artistic talent, you just have to implement such a venture. And if not, then you have to work hard and look for the master, perhaps he found among family or friends. For those who have not got such a friend you can always use colorful and interesting wallpaper. We wish you creative ideas and inspiration!

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