Contemporary design apartment

I think that fans of minimalist hi-tech style will love the design of this apartment, designed GEOMETRIX DESIGN. The studio continues to create modern interiors, full of life and comfort. Despite the clear lines and cool colors, contemporary design apartment seems to be warm and comfortable, and this is the main merit of designers. This monochrome interior stripped of all unnecessary details, it seems, are laid out every curve. Such laconic character opens a new theory of the internal space.

contemporary design apartment

Now let’s consider a simple layout. Let’s start with the entrance hall. Like everywhere else in the apartment, is used for finishing glossy panel, behind which lurk in the storage system. Down the hall is a small toilet room for guests. The biggest area of ​​the apartment occupies the space of the living room, combined with kitchen, the presence of which gives a kitchen appliances. As a separator used between glass sliding doors. Down the hall is the home office. According to the project in this room is not provided by the window, so to make this room light and bright, the designers used the frosted glass behind which hid the LED backlight. The apartment has two bedrooms, one for adults and one for children. The interior, as well as throughout the apartment, made in a futuristic style. Softness this space adds a touch of white curtains. Watch and be inspired!

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