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In 2011 the building was purchased by a married couple for $ 1 million. Once it was a printing house, a grocery store and shop mechanics, and today is a modern stylish home with his lawn on the top floor. In general, the ideal place for a stylish loft design. The house is located in a new area of ​​the city of Portland. It belongs to 65-year-old lady named Childs and her 71-year-old husband, Jerry. Over three decades, they lived in Manhattan for a while in New York and Florida, Colorado and Utah. Free lifestyle allowed them to relocate without difficulty. This building attracted to them because of the industrial style reigned both inside and outside. Wishing not to stand out in the area, which is full of warehouses, brick buildings and trendy restaurants, the couple turned to a local architectural firm.

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Throughout the project, the owners constantly had to remind workers that they are not adjusted to the ideal job, because the atmosphere of the old warehouse had to be preserved. The huge 4-meter window follows the design of storage boxes 30s with a steel frame, although these are made of wood and have double glazing. The centerpiece of the apartment reserved for the fireplace, and already spinning around the entire interior. On the top floor there is a living room, a spacious kitchen and dining area, master bedroom and bathroom. Most of the furniture has been used by them or by someone else, or bought in local shops. On the roof mounted solar panels that allow owners to save on electricity. Below, on the ground floor is a double garage, where two favorite pair Mini. It was very cool!

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