10 storage ideas in house

In the house are often in places that can be used for storage. Yes, that’s just not always notice their potential. GD-home prepared for you 10 ideas for the design of the most suitable places in the house that can be used with maximum efficiency. So, let’s start?
1. Bed with drawers
To store the bedding and pillows perfect place under the bed or sofa, so buying such furniture, give preference to models with a built-in drawers.
2. Chest at the back of the sofa
A small chest of drawers or cabinet can be installed at the back of the sofa and thus separated, for example, living room and dining area. In addition to the extra storage space you will be able to visually divide the space.

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3. Place over the door
Shelves at the top of the door can be fit enough books and sundries. This place is not functional, but, thanks to the light and unobtrusive storage system, you can get a small library.
4. Under the sloping roof
Place under the pitched roof can always be used wisely. In no case should not bypass his side, because this is where you can build a wardrobe or install shelves.
5. Place in the window
It is always good to look comfortable sofas or benches with cushions. Make a place for reading and possible on a wide windowsill. Often the window there are the so-called “dead zones”, and is not just possible, but also necessary to build a cozy corner own hands.
6. Coffee table
Choosing a coffee table, prefer lightweight design that will not overload the interior, but it will be under the bottom shelf. It will be possible to store the remote, magazines, books, and on top of candles and vases.
7. Bookshelf around window
You’ll be surprised how you can use the space around the window, which usually hang photos and paintings. Here you can arrange shelves for books, and the width of 20 cm will be sufficient, that will not let you lose the light. In this case, a window sill using the soft cushions can be a comfortable place to read, or it is possible to put a lamp and flowers.
8. Place in the bathroom
Inspect your bathroom, you may find a small place where will be able to install a few shelves. If the room is small, or to create a light atmosphere, use glass shelves, which are mounted on brackets. They are useful for storing pots, soap and so forth.

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9. The shelves at the head
At the head of the bed is possible to equip the cabinet with open shelves, where to store the loved and cherished things, and wardrobe with doors for storing clothes. The second solution would be particularly true for small bedrooms, where the installation of anything but a bed and a closet is not impossible. 14 tricks to help you increase the space of the bedroom, you will find here.
10. Place under the stairs
Best hidden storage space simply do not find. Under the stairs is possible to organize the pantry, build a soft sofa to rest or work space. There certainly will be, what to do with this place.
We wish you a cozy interior! With love, GD-home.

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