Ванная в сельском стиле

The interior is rustic, or as it is often called country style, can be quite different: charming, cozy, cute and rude and deliberate. As usual, the essence is in the details. The design of the bathroom is to apply the same formatting rules as for any other room:
– Wood in the rustic bathroom should be present necessarily: in the decoration or furniture that’s your decision
– As a floor covering is best to use a tile or wood flooring with a special water-repellent coating. Also perfect tile that imitates a tree
– By the way are the beams and columns, but only in the bathroom with a large area
– Instead of the usual door, you can use the so-called granary door, which perfectly underlines this style, but also helps to save space
– As holders or hangers for towels can be used twigs, branches, or imitation of them
– Availability of fresh flowers or ikebana is welcome

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