17 decorating ideas for bedroom

You live in a country house? Or simply enjoy a cozy rustic style? Take a look at this collection of 17 decorating ideas for bedroom and then you will definitely love it!

Here we leave some ideas that will add warmth and comfort of your bedroom.

1. Wood is the best ally. Use it for the walls, floor or furniture.
2. Use an old dresser, wicker chair, and wooden beams on the ceiling. These things are always associated with comfort. If you have an old chest of drawers is not in the best condition, you could restore it.
3. Blinds and curtains also have an important role in the interior. In addition to functionality, they can dramatically change the mood in this room to make it airy, thanks to a slight light fabric, or give the feeling of complete isolation due to dark colors.
4. Gentle colors in the bedroom are a necessity. If your bedroom need them, add new textiles, pillows and some painting.
5. For the bedroom, it is important to choose a soft carpet. Ideal with a long nap, but he accumulates more dust and requires good care.
6. Add the romantic interior, you can use the canopy.
7. Use a lot of textiles. This can be linen, cotton, wool or silk. Make your choice based on the season. During the summer, give preference to light and bright fabrics, but in winter – heavy and dark.
8. If possible, set the original headboard.
9. Do not forget the flowers. Any: a vase or pots, in any way they should be.
10. If you have the opportunity to install a fireplace or even false fireplace, your bedroom will find the outlines of Paradise.

We wish you a pleasant change!

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