5 christmas garland ideas

Garland created in order to give a festive mood. They are not required to use only as a Christmas ornament. Almost any place in the house can instantly prettier with her. This can be a fireplace, a window, even the walls … just about anything. As, in principle, the material from which it can be made. Here you will find 5 christmas garland ideas, complex and simple, the main thing – made with love.

1. Stockings are always in fashion

christmas garland ideas

What do you need:
– felting several colors
– template (you’ll find it below)
– scissors
– needle and thread
– anything to decorate
– tape

how to make christmas garland

You could save the template to your computer and print it, or draw it yourself.

handmade christmas garland

Step one: From felt, cut 12 stocking each color. The easiest way to use the first cut stockings as a template, as the paper will slide off.

christmas garland decorations

Step two: Sew the two halves (neat stitches are welcome). Then make patches, sewn figures and decorate stockings, as you wish.

Step three: Attach them to the rope or tape, you can use the small pegs (you can buy them in handmade-shops) or simply sew. You can also make small holes in the stockings, thread the string and tie a rope.

This garland is laborious, but I think the result is worth it. It will serve you for many years!

2. Dance of the snowflakes

cheap christmas decorations

What do you need:
– clay
– formochka
– glue
– Lots of sparkles
– the toothpicks
– tape

handmade christmas gifts

Step one: Polymer clay rolled into a sheet of 3-5 mm, and then cut using the form snowflakes.
Step two: Make a hole with a toothpick, and make sure it is fit for the tape.
Step three: Bake snowflakes in oven according to package instructions.

christmas home decor

Step four: After snowflakes completely cooled, apply glue and generously sprinkle with glitter.

christmas decorations

Step five: Restore holes, covered with sequins, ribbon and thread, tying each of them.

A beautiful garland for the Christmas holidays. Especially with snow in the New Year can be a problem, so they should at least have in the house, he will surely be :)

3. World peace

christmas decorating ideas

There are many words that you can pick up for Christmas garlands. This may be a “Merry Christmas” or “Let’s It Snow!”, But when it comes down to it, we wish that what is missing so much this year. So let Peace on Earth will always be in your heart ♥.

What you need:
– template (you’ll find it below)
– thin sheet of wood
– scissors
– brush
– glue
– rope
– stain

country christmas decorations

Print the template, or draw the letters on their own.

christmas decorations ideas

Step one: Apply a sheet of wood letters, and very carefully cut each of them. Do not press too hard, as the timber may burst.
Step two: Open the wood stain.

christmas decorating

Step three: Use the glue to glue the letters on the rope.

4. Soft garland

how to make a christmas garland

What do you need:
– dense thread
– scissors
– fork
– rope

christmas ideas

Step one: Wind the thread on the fork to the desired volume, and then drag it between the middle prong plugs and tie a knot.

homemade christmas garland ideas

Step two: With scissors trim the pompon. Tie a good knot, so it does not blossomed.

decorating ideas for christmas

Step three: Now sew or tie a rope to the pom-poms.

If you live in the house cats, this garland is the best gift for them.

5. Garland of Christmas balls

how to decorate christmas garland

What do you need:
– balls
– tape

christmas items

Well, everything is simple. Take the balls that are not turned on the Christmas tree and hang them on the tape. If you want to make the balls do not slip, then we need to bind each of them.

You have 5 options to create a festive mood. So go for it!