Beautiful country house design

Having a vacation home is the dream of many to accomplish that not everyone can, so if you are the owner of such team Seven Rooms insanely jealous of you! Fresh air, incomparable atmosphere of your own home, green area, terrace / patio / garden furniture, where you can hide with a laptop and tea – just a small part of the advantages of suburban life. And if the house is made of wood, while the price it did not happen. In order to fully experience the atmosphere of such a life, we suggest you take a look at literally a beautiful design of a country house from the studio ID Interior Design.

country house plans

country style house plans

This house has got new owners are not in the best condition, so they turned for help to the professional designers, which set the goal to transform an ordinary log cabin into a cozy cottage. Mainly in the interior was the time by which it seems that it has developed itself. Interior items going for a long time, without haste and purposefully designers and hostess were looking for suitable furniture and decor. Some things have been designed specifically for the home, for example, a massive dining table and coffee table in the living room. Beautiful racks, cupboard in the kitchen, textured doors and cabinets – in the design of a country house there is a lot of interesting details.

cottage house designs

house designers

Simple rustic furniture combined with soft textiles adds a special charm log cabins. Brought fabric of New York City was the perfect material for pillows in the bedroom and living room. The designers put a lot of effort to the furniture seemed untouched by time. To the general style of the cottage had been bought in Spain retro switches, specifically for that all wiring has been decided to leave out. This decision proved to be successful because they do not have to log Stroebe. Charm added and wooden beams on the ceiling, painted a dark color to give vivid character design of a country house. But the walls and floor were painted in a different color is softer, so that the texture is clearly visible and disappeared yellowness, typical wooden houses.

wooden house

wooden house plans

The interior of the cottage would not be complete without a wood-burning stove, here they are even two. One is located in the living room, surrounded by soft sofas and armchairs, the second – in the bedroom, in front of the bed. The fact that it is a modern building, only a few hints in the industrial style lamps, but they did not spoil the romantic design of a country house, but only added zest. Hopefully, this house came to your liking!

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