Chair-hammock handmade

What a chair-hammock handmade has a pretty simple design, the creation of which will effect everyone. The idea of creation belongs to Rachel, mother of three children, who decided to make a gift to his son, who loves to read. He needed a secluded place where he could hide from the talkative younger sister. Quiet location was found on the veranda, where he happily immersed in the fairy-tale world. This construction is designed for easy swinging, so use it as a swing for a baby is not recommended. It is designed for weight up to 90 kg.


What do you need:
– Oak thorn
– Thick rope
– 2 m durable fabric (similar to canvas)
– 2 steel carabiner
– A can of black paint
– scissors
– Drill
– Sewing machine

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Step first and second: To start Fold the fabric in half and with a ruler and mark the angle of the marker, and then cut it. Then, expand it and stitch the upper and lower edges of the fabric. Photo-guide will help you sort out what’s what.

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Step three: Turn the fabric so that the long side was right. Now we need to make a pocket under the cord. To do this, fold the edge, as shown in the photo.
Step four: Do the same with other side.
Step five:And now prostrochite two edge lines and secure the seam a few stitches backwards.
Step six:Once the hammock is almost ready, you can go and fixtures. With drills make two holes on each side of an oak spike.

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Step seven: With the spray pattern applied to the fabric. Of course, you can come up with any pattern or cause a complex pattern using a stencil. Paint dry for an hour, then apply pattern on the other side
Step eight: Thread the cord through the side opening oak extreme spike, tie a knot and pull it through one pocket hammock, and again before the spike tie a knot. Repeat this manipulation in reverse order from another pocket hammock.

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Step nine: Tie a knot in the middle of the cord for the rifle, as shown in the photo, and then attach itself carbine. Using a drill, set the hook on the ceiling.
P.S. : For softness, you can add a small round pillow.


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