Classic style apartment design

Fine shape, clean lines and neutral tones prevail in the interior, created by Kelly Hoppen. This classic style apartment design has a modern character. Of course, the interior will be relevant for years to come. What lies his secret? Let’s deal together.
Depending on the time and trends in fashion classic style is modified, the current version of the classic looks that way. Bright colors, beautiful details, interesting furniture are mandatory attributes of style. When designing a design apartment in a classic style, follow these rules, but always listen to the inner voice, because the same tips for all does not exist.

apartment design

1. Give preference to natural materials. They must be present in any form (flooring, furniture, panels on walls). Even a minimal amount of wood is able to radically change the mood in the room.
2. Concrete and brick. They can also be used in the design of the apartment in a classic style, such as fireplaces or one wall of the living room.
3. The use of glass and mirrors makes the interior easier and visually more spacious.
4. The choice of color is crucial. Classic style in any interpretation uses the natural shades. The combination of white, gray and black – always a safe bet. Patterns and prints for today go by the wayside. As you can see, there is a distinct resemblance to minimalism. Solid walls, painted in a single color – is something that is popular today.
5. Elegant refined furniture will make a great company light walls. This furniture serves as the main focus of the luxurious interior.

apartment interior design

6. No less interesting accent can become a beautiful lamp or chandelier.
7. Pictures, souvenir trinkets, flowers and candles can be used as decoration. Moreover, if it is not necessary to finish shell, is the decor, you can win.
8. Originality should be paramount. Furniture, lighting, decoration, first of all, have to like you, carry a story or to inspire new ideas. Do not run after fashion. You can find the copyrights shops offering unique items, which may reflect the spirit of it is your interior.
The modern interpretation of a classic design of the apartment-style filled with comfort and beauty. Today’s photo to excellent confirmation! Enjoy!

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