Cottage style bathroom

This cottage style bathroom looks amazing. Not so long ago here on the floor lay a green plastic sheeting, and the walls were covered with yellow wallpaper, also smelled of damp. Repair definitely went in her favor. The new owners have put a lot of effort to reincarnate it beyond recognition. If you are inspired by design, they are very useful experience:

• Size – 25 m²
 • French bathtub has been found in the ad and is given in perfect condition.
 • Sinks and taps were repaired by the company, which specializes in restoring old plumbing.
 • All cabinets in this room made of old materials found in the attic and in the barn.
 • Lighting and switches were bought at a flea market or in the shop of the family itself.
 • The surface of the table faucet painted black with linseed oil.
 • Mirrors are made from old window frames.
 • Checkered tile will never go out of fashion.
 • For shower cabinet and also used the window frames.

For a couple, it was important to use only those materials that were already in use. They believe that it is because of them managed to create an old-fashioned atmosphere.

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