Eclectic style – a combination of several styles together, united by a common foundation (the architecture, the color range, texture). Eclectic inherent overload decorative elements combined with comfortable furniture. Congestion is due to confusion not only styles, but crops. Despite the brilliance and richness of this style the main element of it is the furniture, color matching which, like everything else, has no restrictions and regulations. The bedrooms are trying to make this style for less colorful, not to interfere with relaxation.

      Dream house for a large family

      Today’s dream house for a large family – a house in the former church is a unique project from Linc Thelen Design. Located in the bustling district of Chicago, an area of ​​510 sq. m. it is truly enchanting. It happens that the former abandoned church architects give new life, turning it into a house. At the same historical roots cherish, thereby conserving the charm of this place. Tod [...]