Hi-tech design is a modern easy and understandable style. Perfect proportions, clear geometric lines make it functional and comfortable. Often it is used for materials such as metal, glass, and the lighting do cool colors. Important attributes of the style applies modern technology, it should be on the mind and be a part of the interior. The narrow range of colors limited number of colors used. They are usually no more than two, one is dominant, the other creates contrast. The most popular combination of white and black, gray and red, white and yellow. Modern interior in the style of hi-tech has no framework or any standards. It allows the use of non-standard forms of furniture, but the decor is not welcome, because this style avoids clutter and cuts off all unnecessary.

      Luxury modern home from Czech republic

      This luxury house with five bedrooms is impressive not only for its size but also cutting-edge equipment. It was designed by Jestico + Whiles, who managed to create the perfect home for their clients. Engineers and architects the company was able to introduce the latest technology of ecological design. Luxury modern home from Czech republic is named Villa Pruhonice. The project can hardly be calle [...]