How to decorate a Christmas tree: ideas + photos

Preparing for the holiday has already started? Herringbone looked after, snowflakes at the ready? Old toys and serpentine finally set aside and open to new ideas for decorating. Do you agree? Then get started!
On the question of how to decorate a Christmas tree beautiful and unusual, using simple solutions, there is a simple answer. Pine cones, snowflakes, toys, hand made – that’s the best decoration for a family holiday. Involve your children in needlework, husband, parents and friends. Warm and truly necessary emotions for the holidays you really get!

how to decorate a christmas tree

decorated christmas trees

How nice to decorate the tree with the help of handmade toys you see in the top photo. You can take it a tradition every year in December to create several toys with their own hands. Your toys can become an ornament not only of your holiday, but a holiday girlfriend. Gifts made by your hands, carry special memories ♥

paper snowflakes

decorating a christmas tree

decorated christmas tree

Christmas decorations:

  • snowflakes
    Snowflakes – it’s super versatile option for decorating not only trees, but also the entire interior. They can cut paper, glue the pages of the book, made of wood, use the technique of quilling, make of colored paper, sprinkle with sequins and so on.

  • cones
    Same story. They can be used individually hung on the ribbon and can be created from these compositions by gluing with hot glue. Ribbons, tinsel and artificial snow will be a great decoration. You can fold the cones in a transparent box, which typically sell Christmas decorations, then tie a ribbon box, and the result will be an unusual and simple decoration under the tree.

  • snowmen
    They can be made out of felt, felt, gypsum and even test.

  • garland
    With strings you can decorate not only the tree. The window area of ​​the bed, on a sofa in the living room, in general, the way will be a garland everywhere ;)

  • entrainment
    Collecting – a great hobby. Kinder You collect coins and so on? So why not hang them on the tape? With them, your Christmas will be a unique beauty.

decorating christmas tree

Asking yourself the question of how to decorate the Christmas tree, you’re already on the right track. A variety of balls, garlands, toys are not always suitable in color and style. If you want to get a really nice Christmas tree, you need to stick to color schemes. For a harmonious combination of multi-colored toys, their number should be proportional to each other.

The successful combination of colors:
– Red and gold
– Blue and White
– Gold, silver and white
– Gradient colors

And a little picture, not only on Christmas decorations, and interior and table setting as a whole. We hope you will enjoy the preparation!

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Serving Christmas table

Serving Christmas table picture

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Ah … yes, I almost forgot about the dried citrus!
How to decorate a Christmas tree without these symbolic Christmas fruit?