Mediterranean style in the interior quite often. This is due to the fact that a simple and lightweight design provides ideal conditions for recreation. The style was born a long time ago and it is believed that the basic ideas were taken from the culture of Greece and Italy. Over the years, he, of course, complement and evolved, thanks to the spread along the coastal areas of the Mediterranean. Spain, Turkey, France and Egypt have made their adjustments and created a unified Mediterranean style, so that we see today. It is based on natural colors: gloss of the sun, the blue of the sea, while often used natural materials and lots of vegetation. This style avoids refined furniture and complex geometric shapes, its advantage – in beautiful detail.

      Mediterranean paradise

      In the summer especially glad to see the burgeoning hotels and villas on the sea, involving themselves in dreams and dreams of a perfect holiday. Today we offer you to plunge into the atmosphere of a Mediterranean paradise, as this place is difficult to name another. Secluded Area is located in the Costa del Sol, on the edge of Spain, and was named «Marbella Club». This hotel is the standard of go [...]

      Mediterranean style homes ideas and pictures

      Combining with the interior environment is a popular trend in the design. People like coming home, seeing the warm sand, blue sea and the mountains. Mediterranean style homes perfectly illustrates all this. Design houses in the photo designed by Isabel Lopez-Quesada. This style was formed a long time, a smooth transition from a small stone house of sandstone up to a luxury villa. Older houses usua [...]

      Coastal design by Casabella home furnishings

      As promised, we continue to acquaint you with the work of the team Casabella. This British company beautiful furniture and decor, which provides services for interior design. Today presents delicate photo coastal style. As usual attention to detail has played a crucial role in the picture of a beautiful delicate design. If you are inspired by traditional style or prefer coastal chic, and may be so [...]

      Beach house design

      Have you ever dreamed of a beach house design? I think after the exclamation positive response, you are happy to enjoy today’s photos. This classic coastal style captures a glance. The lucky owners are Kay and Joanna Tukums. The house is located on the shores of Lake Muskoka in Ontario. This place even spotted the pair in 2011. They were looking for a holiday home with a panoramic view, but [...]

      House with a beach design on Malibu coast

      House at the Pacific Ocean – a dream, probably for many. It may not necessarily have the Pacific, the main thing – near the ocean It became a reality for the Bell family. At the time, the house belonged to the family of her husband, who moved here from Chicago for more than two decades ago. The story goes that it was built for the young actress from England, filmed in Los Angeles. Hous [...]

      Mediterranean style house

      This family mediterranean style house is full of bright elements which elsewhere would seem incongruous. A mixture of colors, wrought iron elements and luxurious furniture make it an individual in its own way. Located on the shores of this miracle of San Francisco. Belinda and her family was looking for a house overlooking the bay of about 2 years, and it took only a minute to forever fall in love [...]