Mosaic bathroom: ideas for repairs

Decorating the bathroom tiles with the help of a universal goal. Tile is durable, well-washed and reflects light. Besides, it has a long lifetime. Often used and mosaics in the bathroom. In addition to these advantages, Mosaic allows you to create a unique complex pattern. GD-home brought to you 16 mosaic bathroom ideas, that demonstrate its use cases.

Finish by a mosaic will cost considerably more expensive than painting. Budget repairs will depend on the extent of use of the tile and its design. Use mosaic in the bathroom as you can:
– Flooring
– Wall decoration
– Finishing shower
– Finishing bath
– from the floor to the ceiling

The last option is the most difficult and costly, but not always the best. In a small bathroom, so you risk visually reduce the space, making it look like a cocoon. It would be correct to finish only half or one of the walls with mosaic, thereby adding a little spice interior.

mosaic bathroom

1. Flooring
Tile flooring is an ideal solution for the bathroom, so it is not deformed due to wetting. Prefer relief tiles with a rough surface that will not slip.
Pay attention to the vinyl flooring, which, in contrast to the ceramic tile, pleasant Stavan bare feet. This coating is cheaper, it is safe and easy to install. A significant drawback is considered a shorter life, unlike ceramics.

2. Wall decoration
Using mosaic in the bathroom for the walls can create graphically pictures that particularly popular in modern design. It is possible to issue one of the walls, for example, the wall behind the sink, and three others painted in the appropriate colors for color. Think through the color of the interior must be in advance, so you do not make a choice in a hurry, which is often doomed to failure. To start pick your favorite puzzle, and then – an additional finishing the walls.
Making mosaics all four walls, choose the gradient color tiles to create patterns or modulations. Using monochromatic palette, you will not get the desired effect of the mosaic.

3. Finishing shower and bathtub
Finishing shower and bathroom using mosaic is the budget option of all presented. But, despite this, it is no less spectacular. If you decide to decorate the wall of the shower using a mosaic, do not use curtains that close all the beauty. In this case, the best fit glass doors.

The tiny mosaic in the bathroom brings a certain charm. Whether it is a pattern, the assembled pattern or color gradient – it always looks unusual! We wish you a pleasant updates!

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