We are very pleased to welcome you to our site! We are a married couple, who loves interior design, architecture and furnishings for the home and garden. We were born and live in Ukraine, and we want to show the beauty of not only ukrainians, but also people around the world. For yet, we know English is very bad, so Google-translator saves us. We hope you will forgive our errors and inaccuracies. You can always correct us, we are happy to do so. We promise to fix it!

We collect the most interesting and unusual that we have seen, and was happy to share with you. Here you can find examples of modern architecture, interesting design of the interior of houses and apartments, tips on how to create it, as well as unique details and the little things that fill the house with comfort and give it an individual character. If our site will be your reference book, we will be very happy!

      Modern minimalist wooden house

      A couple Rasmussen and Lene Bak believe that the simple life in nature is much better. “When you open the door, you get home – in a world without the hustle and gadgets” – says Lena. The surrounding forest was part of the house. Through the windows in the wall, it became poss [...]

      Small living room: formatting tips

      Small space does not make you faint, if the right approach to its design. Different tricks and simplest tips can not only help to visually enlarge the room, but also to make it cozy. The living room is quite simply obliged to be comfortable, and it’s not in its dimensions, the most important t [...]

      Luxury villa in Canada

      This luxury villa has become a harmonious continuation of the slope, and literally drowned in the greenery of the surrounding nature. At the level of higher located terrace with a plunge pool. The house was built using classic materials such as stone and wood, and modern – like concrete and gl [...]

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