Romantic cottage design in Los Angeles

This cottage design can be called the best example of home warmth and comfort, especially in winter. Just imagine the snow-capped mountains, lit fireplace in the living room and a warm blanket. I would say that in the summer is certainly a wonderful holiday. In any case, a family living here were lucky to find a chalet near Los Angeles. Nestled in the Ojai Valley, the house is surrounded by green scenery and mountains. Very beautiful place!

cottage design

First, a little background. Ramin, the founder of the Californian design studio, was looking for a place to relax at the weekend for his wife and two children, Paulo and Udall. Friends told him the empty house that the first meeting has fascinated the designer, and the terrain itself, known for its citrus, applauded by the whole family. Remaking the interior team worked studios, whose main objective was to preserve its historical roots, adding a little eclectic. The initial design of the cottage was created in 1908, so this task was not easy, but very interesting. The main part of the house occupied by a spacious living room with dining area, the heart of which is a magnificent stone fireplace. In addition to his living room is decorated with a large chandelier. Of course, this composition creates a cozy and warm mood.

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Stop at one of the cottage-style design is very difficult, because there are several mixed eras, but, despite this, the interior left comfortable and harmonious. Portraits, pillows, carpets, pictures on the walls made a part of the Indian spirit in the interior, so that it looks so colorful. Some also include interior lighting to eclecticism. The use of wood is not only for decoration but also for furniture, create an enveloping atmosphere of comfort, so in a place no one wants to spend the weekend. The house has three bedrooms and bathrooms, an office, a veranda and an outdoor terrace, where the family spends more daylight saving time. There’s the pool there are several recreational areas: sunbeds, dining area, soft area with sofa and fireplace, and most importantly views of the green landscape. “At first we came here just family, but when our friends found this place, we rarely left alone” – says Ramin.
We hope you enjoy this design of the cottage, and his design ideas useful in personal experience. We wish you successful experiments!

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