Small apartment design

If you are the owner of a small apartment and the acute shortage of square meters, you should know a few secrets of proper planning. We want to show you a small apartment of 53 square meters, which combines beauty and functionality. Its design involved Emma Masana and architect Antonio Cortines. They managed to transform a former office with two windows in the spacious, bright apartment, or even to arrange a terrace in the open air. So, let’s go to the point and select 10 secrets of successful of a small apartment design:

  • 1. In small rooms often have problems with storage. This one were resolved by dividing the total area into two regions by the storage system. This decision has allowed to keep a few square meters. But it is worth considering that storage space should be stylishly decorated, as they will play a heavy part of the interior.

  • 2. Remember that you can make a small space cozy with light. Use the daylight as much as possible. For the best fit blinds bright light fabric or perhaps a better option would be a complete lack of them.

  • 3. To make a more spacious apartment, use soft neutral colors. Notable elements can be textiles, pillows or rugs. By the way, as an accent can serve, and colorful furnishings, such as a sofa or chair.

  • 4. Useful to you any free space. For example, Emma set shelves for storing dishes in a free space between the post and the wall. This is very useful and decorative solution.

small apartment design

  • 5. In modern small apartments to replace conventional sliding doors come. They are great to help keep the deficit square meters.

  • 6. A large mirror will add a couple of square meters, while the interior is visually easier to make.

  • 7. Another clever solution is to replace the cabinet doors on the light curtain.

  • 8. To the zoning of the space can be used podiums. If you notice in the apartment living room raised a few centimeters.

  • 9. The facades of the kitchen can be painted in matte black color, it will give a sense of a continuous surface and a certain style.

  • 10. If your bathroom is no longer shown in this apartment, and maybe you could install LED lights, creating the effect of the presence of a large bulb.

small apartment design ideas

A special feature of this apartment is an outdoor terrace. It surrounds the apartment on two sides, creating a feeling of a country house, and due to the presence of greenery here want to breathe! This charm can afford only the owners of apartments on the first floor. Those who climbed a little higher, should think about settling cubby on your balcony. We wish you a pleasant and alterations, as they say, in a happy home is not close!

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