Small cottage in a country style for holliday

Small cottage in a country style a perfect place for a winter vacation looks that way. A small wooden house full of comfort and, of course, family warmth, in the middle of snow-covered hills – a place of sweet dreams. The cottage was zaprimechen couple who loves to ski in the area. Learning about the sale, they immediately bought it.
Repair of steam takes a long time, but the point is that they decided to expand the area and added two more rooms. The original area was 38 m2, after annex living room, two bedrooms and bathrooms, it amounted to 105 m2. The house they ruled electricity, water and sanitation, and have arranged a warm floor in the bathroom and hallway. But despite the benefits of civilization, Inger often uses candles. For her, the soft twilight atmosphere plays an important role. Priverzhenka traditions Ingreda interested in Norwegian crafts. Her works can be seen around the house. The interest in the craft and old furniture she inherited from her father. When she was 13, his father first bought a wooden cabinet in the auction, which was accompanied by a girl all my life. Attach a few new details, Ingreda insert it into the new living room. In the future, almost all furniture bought at auction.

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French kitchen set perfectly fit for the cottage. This, in my opinion, the only thing acquired in this house. If you have nowhere to do with the old ski, take her over the bed, as did Pere and Ingrid. Hang on her pillow, and you get a charming headboard :) Couple loves Norwegian motifs, so the use of wood, leather and wool in the design of the cottage. They come here with their friends on holidays and weekends. Long walks to the loss of power, a good breakfast and conversation at the table, books, read in your favorite chair, games, sitting in front of a fireplace and a good movie night attract them much more high-profile parties. Happy holidays to you this holiday season :)

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