Small living room: formatting tips

Small space does not make you faint, if the right approach to its design. Different tricks and simplest tips can not only help to visually enlarge the room, but also to make it cozy. The living room is quite simply obliged to be comfortable, and it’s not in its dimensions, the most important thing – a good atmosphere. Choosing the right finish, furniture and small accents – the necessary ingredients for success!
It is best suited for small rooms light colors and bright fine to use as accent. For example, a carpet on the floor or on the wall panels can be attractive target in a neutral palette of the interior. Such things help tie together the colors in space and add symmetry. Incidentally, the sizes of furniture used play an important role. Too big will clutter the already small space. Pick the right size furniture – comfortable and nonmassive. Neat, elegant chairs or armchairs are appropriate. And, of course, it is not necessary to impose a taboo on the fireplace installation. There are many different models for small spaces. To increase space, you can use mirrors that reflect light, thus visually widening the boundaries of the living room.
I will tell you a little secret: a living mystery, represented in the photo, is in the details. Note that, as one color smoothly into the other. This is the essence of the design. I hope you get the right mood. Be of good cheer!

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