Studio apartment design

Despite the small dimensions, the studio apartment design can be both functional and beautiful. It is not necessary to use only light colors, a minimum of furniture and decor. The interior can be much more complicated and more interesting by using some tricks that you can see in today’s apartment. Its area is 20 square meters. m, but this did not prevent designers to bypass all the shortcomings and build practical and comfortable interior. It belongs to a business lady, who spends most of his time traveling around Europe. This layout is suitable for young couples.

small studio apartment design

When making a design studio apartment in the first place necessary to determine the layout and style. Scandinavian simplicity and elegance of the interior light in the apartment on the basis of photos. Here, the combination of masonry with white and black, of course, very small space animates and sets the rhythm. At first glance, it does not even seem so small. This impression arises by combining the bedroom, living room and kitchen in one space, the separation between them are glass walls and white curtains. Combining single room and kitchen are often in doubt as difficult to imagine how they will work together. Such fears are appropriate and natural, but if you are young and energetic, silence is not an obligatory rule – risk, and the result is bound to make you happy. For those who are afraid of odors, we hasten to assure you that the extraction systems do an excellent job with its function.

studio apartment designs

In this scandinavian flat TV uses a modular setup that allows you to watch movies being, living room and bedroom. The glass partition separating the bedroom, add design lightness and light curtains – grace. To store in the interior used a large closet with a glossy surface in the hallway. Generally, luster always animates design, so in small rooms it is recommended to use. Repetition of different shades of blue in the interior, of course, is no accident. Pad the sofa, bed linen, coasters hot on the table – complete beautiful interior. And, of course, there were paintings and stylish lamps.

studio apartments

Let’s summarize. When making a design studio:
– Give preference to light colors finish, but make bright accents using brickwork or bright wallpaper with a print or pattern. But the use of black can not be excluded
– If it is possible, combine the bathroom and kitchen
– Floor and the floor must also be performed in a light color (preferably white) as they reflect light, making room will seem visually larger
– Put emphasis on furniture and bright posters
– Add a glossy surfaces
– Use mirrors and glass. They help make the room more and Air
– Several shades of the same color to help create a complete interior
– Use interesting and stylish lamps. They do not take place, but they can add character to any interior
– Exciting photo or assembled puzzle can be wall decoration
Create your own design studio, and any property, in principle, it is always interesting and fascinating. Did you discover a new talent or new perspectives, and GD-Home happy to help you with that!

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