Wooden house design from Tatiana Haug

Holiday country house for residents of cities is a great joy, especially in winter, when before the Christmas remains very little in anticipation of the holidays uplifting. This interior of a wooden house would be perfect for a weekend and the Christmas. It is located in Italy, near the border with France. Designed by architect Tatiana Haug. The house is completely built of wood and stone in the presence of fireplaces and walls makes it irresistible. Special passion designer revealed in the details: figurines, candlesticks, flower pots and old household items – all this makes it unique. For example, an old washing machine, which looks more like a barrel, or snowmobiles, hanging in the hallway, or furniture from logs – all this gives the unique features of the interior of a wooden house.

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Here, too, there are modern and items not allowed to forget that the house of the 21 century. The large windows in the house gets a huge amount of light that does not allow the dark colors of the interior ironed too heavy. This is an important rule of thumb when designing the interior of a wooden house. But first you must make sure that the interior echoes with the external architecture. Agree, would be absurd if the interior of the house, soundly built of wooden beams, is messy and devoid of style. Exterior and interior design should complement each other, and home furnishings and decor create a unified atmosphere. Wall color can be changed due to the toning, but still natural shade is preferred. The beams in the ceiling and perform a role, adding scale and comfort. To finish fit floor laminate, parquet or conventional wooden boards. The interior welcomes the use of leather, cotton, linen, fur, which also carry the natural heat. Do not be afraid to experiment and add to the interior, for example, a crystal chandelier, which will make a chic and elegance in design. This popular reception among architects, who want to diversify a very warm and friendly atmosphere of a country house.

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The unique interior of the wooden house nothing can replace: no stylish design that does not give warmth and comfort, which gives this natural material. Today the house truly romantic and even a little bit fabulous. It is simply created for a carefree holiday. I hope you are happy!

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cottage bathroom ideas

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P.S. Personally, I would not leave a warm bath, and even the food or the desire to ski could not distract me from the landscape that are visible from the window, and reasoning about life.

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